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A notary public should be someone you trust and someone who genuinely cares about their clients. Letourneau Notary is a family business that has proudly provided Salmon Arm with just that. Throughout the years, we have been highly involved with the community and believe that our success comes from delivering practical, caring, and honest services that can be depended on year after year.

Jane Letourneau


Jane Letourneau has a bachelor's Degree in General Studies and completed the Notary Public preparatory program in 2009. Her background in the hospitality industry is integral to working with the public. In 2008, she decided to join her father, Wayne, at the practice and became a commissioned Notary in 2009. Jane took over the daily practice that year and Wayne continued to support her and the business by working part-time until full retirement. She continues to maintain a dedicated team of conveyancers and assistants to provide the knowledgeable and friendly service the community has come to count on.

Jane supports many local non-profits and relies on referrals for business. Jane enjoys cross-country skiing, hiking, kayaking, browsing for new and used books, and supporting the Salmon Arm film society.

Wayne Letourneau


Wayne became a commissioned Notary in 1984. Over the years, Wayne built a successful practice with a dedicated team. Letourneau Notary quickly became a name the community could trust and recommend to others important in their life. Wayne considers himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to assist hundreds of clients and many multigenerational clients in some of the most important steps in their life. Wayne was proud Jane joined the practice and confident she would continue to provide the community with the next generation of reliable notary services.

Wayne is now enjoying retired life after many years of tireless service. He often reflects on his time in the office and remembers all his clients fondly. Clients may be lucky to see him in the office during his visits. Wayne will often share stories about his travels with his dogs or of past clients that have remained in his thoughts. One particular story he remembers fondly was of some clients who were travelling in the Baha when they saw a small dog in the bushes who clearly had been abandoned. They pulled over and discovered the dog was full of burrs and extremely unhealthy. They quickly took the dog to a local vet, who informed them that the dog would not survive. They chose to keep the dog and nursed it back to health. Upon returning home to the Shuswap, they were notified that their strata would not allow dogs. The decision was easy, they sold the condo and purchased an acreage so they could keep their new family member. Wayne’s passion for dogs and the community has not changed. Although he is no longer a practicing Notary, Wayne is still passionate about his community.

If you are interested in our notary services, please don’t hesitate to visit us or give us a call.

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