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Wills and Estate Planning


Writing a will may not be the most optimistic thing for you to think about at this moment but a legally sound will be an important part of ensuring your wishes are honoured and your assets are transferred to loved ones. We are here to help you with this. We take the time to go over all aspects of estate planning and ensure that you understand the process from start to finish. We understand the legal aspect but more importantly, we understand the delicate nature of such conversations. We have your best interest at heart and it is our mission to make sure your wishes are understood and respected by this generation and the next.

Wills are important but so is the power of attorney, representation agreements, and advanced healthcare directives; we are here to help you through it all. Having a sound power of attorney document can ensure that even if you’re unable, a trustworthy loved one has the legal authority to navigate your financial affairs. They can access and handle your bank account or assist with your real estate or legal matters if you are unable or become incapacitated.

Representation Agreement ensures that the person(s) of your choice has the legal authority to navigate health and personal care. This important document permits your representative to be your legal voice if you are not able to provide clear direction to the healthcare community. Aspects covered by a Representation Agreement are accessing medical records, medications, medical procedures, and personal care. Health care needs are complex if care; your representative can ensure you are provided with the appropriate in-home or arrange for alternate appropriate living arrangements in assisted care.

An Advanced Healthcare Directive is a good supporting tool for the Representation Agreement. It ensures that your wishes are honoured even if you are unable to voice them. We will provide you with in-depth advice on all your estate planning needs and ensure that your wishes are legally documented for your loved ones. This process is meant to give you peace of mind but it also provides your loved ones with direction during the most trying moments of life.

Ensure Your Legacy

We can help make sure the next generation understands and honours your wishes.

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