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If you have ever wondered what a notary public in BC does, you are not alone.


Firstly, a notary is not a lawyer. A notary is not directly involved with contentious areas of law such as personal injury, family or criminal law. Notary Publics are authorized to offer services in two areas of law: planning documents and real estate transactions. Notary Publics are required to continually upgrade their education to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing legal field.

Jane is passionate about both these areas of law. Highly experienced, along with a focus on providing efficient and knowledgeable services ensures all clients leave the office feeling confident in their decisions. Using Jane as your Notary Public can reduce expenses, complications, and delays as well as conflict and misunderstanding in the preparation of your planning documents and real estate transactions.

As a Notary, Jane holds some very important responsibilities.

  • Jane has sworn an oath in the Supreme Court of British Columbia to conduct herself with integrity and fairness

  • She is trained to help clients in preparing wills, powers of attorney, representation agreements, refinancing/mortgage documents, real estate transactions, and more

Letourneau Notary Corp is a practice you can trust. As a practice built and passed on between generations, the focus has always been the same; be the Notary Public that the community can trust by solving problems, being practical, helpful, and genuinely caring about the clients as if they are family.

BC Notaries, “A Trusted Tradition”


We have supported our Salmon Arm community for years, and are proud to serve second-generation clients.

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